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Attention Digi-Key Customers

Looking for those hard to find PC Boards? We have them cheaper than you can find elsewhere. If you see it cheaper, PLEASE give us a chance to beat that price for you. We have the widest variety of boards in the industry. If you don't see it, just ask. We have boards from .005" thick to double sided boards with 4 oz. of copper on each side.

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Quality Products and Services

Injectorall Electronics tries to be a competitive supplier of copper clad laminate material.  E-mail us with any legitimately advertised price on unsensitized or sensitized boards and we will meet or beat it.

Injectorall Electronics was established in 1955 on the principles of quality products and services. Providing copper clad printed circuit boards to the Electronics Industry since 1969, we are familiar with the needs of our customers. Injectorall Electronics offers the largest selection of uncoated and precoated copper clad printed circuit boards anywhere. Our FR4 boards are first-quality material.  The substrates vary from .005" to .062". Standard sizes for uncoated material are from 3" x 4.5" to 3' x 4'. Special cuts are available upon request at no extra charge. If you do not see the printed circuit boards that you need, JUST ASK. We offer positively sensitized printed circuit boards as large as 12" x 18" size. Using our positively sensitized copper clad boards, our customers are able to achieve .005" lines spaced as close together as .005". Our customers achieve professional results themselves by using our products.  Our knowledgeable technical staff will gladly speak to anyone until their problems are solved.  


Products & Services


We are able to coat YOUR PC Board material

We can NOTCH all boards


        Printed Circuit Boards

Uncoated FR4 Boards
Uncoated CEM Boards
Unclad Boards
Positively Coated FR4
Positively Coated CEM

Printed Circuit Kits

Printed Circuit Supplies

          Light Emitting Diodes (LED's)
Card Edge Connectors
Contact Frames & Supplies
High Speed Steel Drill Bits
Carbide Drill Bits
Protective Clothing
Resist Ink Pens

        Drafting Films  

          Clear, Grid, Strippable

Electronic Chemicals

          Bulk Liquids
          Penetrating Oil


          Printed Circuit Chemicals

Developers: Sodium Hydroxide
                               Sodium Carbonate
Etchants: Sodium Persulfate
                           Ferric Chloride
Positive Photo Resist


Phenolic : Unclad
Drilled : Copper Clad
Breadboard Terminals

Drafting Aids

Drafting Tapes
Donut Pads
Misc. Drafting Aids
Connector Strips
Double Tear-Drops
Dual In-Lines

IC Sockets  

          Solder Tail
          Wire Wrap

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Services

We can translate your design to art work (Photo Plot Services) to the PC board to a finished product (plated thru holes, solder mask, legend, selective gold plating). The above mentioned services can also be offered individually.

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